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Frequently Asked Questions

How are my card details secured?

All payments are processed by Stripe, our favourite payment gateway. We do not store any of your card details. For added security the card numbers aren't even submitted to our server.

How are exchange rates calculated?

We use a third party service to automatically maintain our exchange rates, so that you see an "as accurate as possible" equivalent to a non-GBP price. Please note that external factors such as your bank's own exchange rate may cause the price to differ slightly, which is unfortunately outside of our control.

Will I get free updates?

Yes, you'll receive free updates for the lifetime of the product. As soon as a new version is released you'll be able to update your extra via our MODX provider.

Can I get support?

Absolutely! Another reason why Premium Extras are so great. You don't just get software, you get top-notch support for 12 months and unlimited updates for the lifetime of the Extra.