Workflow (v.1.0.5)

For teams who need to approve content before it's published

Workflow is the advanced version of Preview. This revolutionary extra allows MODX® managers to design and build their own content approval process, configured with as many routes, user groups and stages as required.

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Preview (v.1.2.7)

Create revisions and compare changes before they go live

Preview allows you to create revisions to live content without publishing. Save drafts and share changes. But best of all you can compare revisions on the frontend, side-by-side, before putting them live.

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ModLab (v.1.0.0)

Observe, measure and truly understand user behaviour

Optimise the MODX® manager with the power of HotJar and VWO. Create heatmaps, record video or A/B test CMPs to help design better experiences for authors and administrators.

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Formz (v.1.1.1)

Get forms up and running on your website in an instant

A free, open source extra that allows you to get forms up and running on your website. Store information inside the database or send a email alert.

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MySQL Caching (v.1.0.4)

Database backed caching for MODX

As used by Adido for our high availability hosting, mysqlCaching forms one layer of our Free Package Provider service.

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