ModLab (v.1.0.0)

Observe, measure and truly understand user behaviour

Optimise the MODX® manager with the power of HotJar and VWO. Create heatmaps, record video or A/B test CMPs to help design better experiences for authors and administrators.

User-centric design is often talked about with regards to frontend design. However the CMS experience for authors and administrators can often be forgetten, leaving the opportunity for an optimised manager experience unexplored or under-utilised.

ModLab is a simple, free extra which gives developers the opportunity to quickly and easily observe user behaviour within the MODX manager, using HotJar and VWO (subscriptions required).

These industry-leading tools enable subscribers to observe, understandmeasure and validate the usability of the MODX manager.

After installation, simply add your account ID's to ModLab's system settings to heatmap, record or test the UX of your MODX manager.

Compatible with MODX Revolution 2.2 and above.

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