MySQL Caching (v.1.0.4)

Database backed caching for MODX

As used by Adido for our high availability hosting, mysqlCaching forms one layer of our Free Package Provider service.

Due to the nature of High Availability environments, these platforms need to persist the MODX cache as much as possible whilst at the same time allowing for automatic creation of cache resources.

Because of these constraints other popular methods like Memcache are not suitable, as you would need to assign seperate ports to each of your projects. With Adido's High Availability platform APC / file cache is not acceptable either because distributed autoscaling servers are used.

As a result we are happy to present mysqlCaching; a database backed cache mechanism which solves all these problems and runs per client. More specifically, with mysqlCaching, each project has a seperate cache within their database.

mysqlCaching is maintained on Github: . For convience we've made mysqlCaching available on, but you can also download and install mysqlCaching via the main provider.

Compatible with MODX Revolution 2.2 and above.

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