Preview (v.1.2.7)

Create revisions and compare changes before they go live

Preview allows you to create revisions to live content without publishing. Save drafts and share changes. But best of all you can compare revisions on the frontend, side-by-side, before putting them live.

It's the one feature that could make the difference between winning a project or not, especially when working with large organisations who must have content reviewed before it's published.

Well now it's here! Take MODX to the enterprise with staged revisions and drafts, leaving live content untouched until it's really time to publish.

Compatible with MODX Revolution 2.3 and above.

Create and edit multiple revisions

A brand new way of publishing updates

Preview replaces the normal way of publishing, with all drafts for the current recource under a new 'Revisions' tab. Traditional resources are "locked down" so changes cannot go live without creating a revision first.

Different templates, different TV's, different content... the choice is yours.

Preview revisions on the frontend

...and switch between them in a flash

Any pages with revisions show a new toolbar on the frontend when you're logged into the MODX manager. Switch between revisions, edit them (in the manager) or publish right away.

The ultimate preview experience and no publishing required.


Compare side-by-side

Our favourite feature for clients

Select two revisions in the manager for comparison or compare the current page with another using the frontend toolbar. Side-by-side is the best way to compare how updates can change the layout of a page before going live.

Schedule publication

Do you have some holiday coming up?

Don't let pending revisions sit in your in-tray while you're away. Schedule them for publish at a later date and let MODX take care of it for you.

Just like traditional resources your revisions can publish themselves when you're away.

5 Licences

10 Licences

25 Licences

This plan is great if you're an agency or frequent MODX developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Preview work with extras like ContentBlocks?

Yes, absolutely. In fact any extras which utalise the core modx_site_content table (i.e. they extend modResource) are compatible with Preview.

Can I make Preview work with my own custom tables?

Yes. There are system events that fire when a revision is created and published. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information and we can guide you through this process.

Will I need to uninstall VersionX for Preview to work?

No, not at all. Preview and VersionX work great together! Publishing a revision through Preview will trigger VersionX to store a changed copy, providing concrete historics for the master resource.

Is there a setting to control who can publish revisions?

Preview checks MODX's core publish_document permission. The same rules apply to publishing a resource live and publishing a revision to master. Take a look at Workflow, which takes permissions to a new level.

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