Workflow (v.1.0.5)

For teams who need to approve content before it's published

Workflow is the advanced version of Preview. This revolutionary extra allows MODX® managers to design and build their own content approval process, configured with as many routes, user groups and stages as required.

I already own Preview. Do I need to uninstall it?
No. Workflow is an extension of Preview. When you install Workflow it makes Preview even better!

I do not own Preview. Do I need to buy it?
No. Preview is included with Workflow. You only need to purchase Workflow. It's like a 2-for-1 deal.

Can I try Workflow first?
Absolutely, everything is available on our demo site.

Drag-and-Drop Designer

Use Workflow's drag-and-drop designer to create approval paths between User Groups and publish states. The Intuitive user interface allows MODX® administrators to describe complicated workflows quickly and easily.

Seemless integration with Preview

Relevent actions are presented to the user with each revision, offered at every stage in the workflow.

Talk to your users in a language they understand with button label customisation.


Contextualised Approvals

Different approval routes by template, context or class key.

When creating rulesets you can specify which templates, contexts or class keys are subject to your workflow, enabling content creators to seek approval from the correct people.

As a simple example, a revision to a product sold online could have a different approver than that of a regular content page.

Notifications and Custom Hooks

HipChat and Slack integration as standard.

Add your own custom plugins so that this revolutionary feature fits into your internal process, not the other way around.

Notify third-party systems when changes are awaiting review or content has been approved.

3 Licences

5 Licences

10 Licences

This plan is great if you're an agency or frequent MODX developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Workflow compare to other solutions?

Content approval is not a core feature of MODX, which limits it's suitabilty for large corporate organisations. Companies which rely on this feature typical have to use systems like Contensis, Sitecore and Sharepoint. All of these systems can cost thousands of Euros/Dollars a year. Compared to those, Workflow is a significantly cheaper investment for clients.

What type of business would benefit from Workflow?

Workflow is great for a variety of organisations; from small financial or legal firms to large multinational businesses. Wherever a requirement exists for content to be approved before it's published to the public domain, Workflow is the ideal solution.

There are many organisations across the world who must adhere to strict legislation when it comes to publishing content online, many of whom rely on legal teams to review that content first. Workflow is intended just for that.

With Workflow, MODX can alert those teams (within the third-party systems they already use if required) when there is content to be reviewed and approved, allowing them to directly publish that revisions or send it on again to other administrators further down the chain.

What's the difference between Workflow and Preview?

Workflow is the advanced version of Preview, but we've released Workflow as a seperate extra (which includes Preview) so developers who only want Preview don't need to spend extra budget on features they don't need.

Preview allows authors to create new versions (called "revisions") and compare them side-by-side to make content authoring easier.

Designed as an extension to Preview's revision model, Workflow ensures that revisions are approved before they are published. The concept of "revisions" are core to both products.

Is there a maximum number of user groups or paths that Workflow can support?

No. You can design your Workflow to be as simple or complicated as you'd like.

The only thing to keep in mind is the effect of a complicated or multi-choice approval process on authors and approvers. This is why we've included useful features like "action customisation", which allows you to define button labels, giving authors the best opportunity to understand what's going on, using terminology that makes sense to them.

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