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At we want to help MODX into the enterprise market by designing and building tools, services and premium extras suited to large organisations and distributed corporate teams, like revisions and custom workflows.

We plan to offer as much as we can for free, supported by the sales of our premium extras. For example our package provider is free for everyone to use, which operates from our high availability hosting platform, offering the best available service to you and your clients.

Chris Cherrett at MODXPO 2015. Photograph by chsmedien, Christian Seel. is powered and operated by Adido, a Digital Marketing agency in the UK who specialise in MODX. We're backed by a team of frontend, backend and UX developers who use MODX as their CMS of choice everyday.

We're also members of the MODX Ambassador program, so you'll also find us at many of the MODX events and conferences that take place in the UK and Europe.

If you'd like to drop us any questions - or if you require support - please email or tweet and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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